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Today marks a new point in Blaze Gaming History. Not just any point in history, but the release of SKYBLOCK SEASON TWO! Based on the feedback from Season 1, The Management team has been hard at work preparing this new season for everyone.

Island TOP Competition (1000 USD)
Following last map, we have decided to dramatically increase Island TOP Rewards. Each week, the following rewards will be given out:

  • 1st. $75 Paypal and $75 Buycraft​
  • 2nd. $35 Paypal and $35 Buycraft​
  • 3rd. $15 Paypal and $15 Buycraft​
In total, each Island will recieve at the end of the four week period:

  • 1st. $300 Paypal, $300 Buycraft​
  • 2nd. $140 Paypal and $140 Buycraft​
  • 3rd. $60 Paypal and $60 Buycraft​
The IS-TOP Competition will end on May 23rd, 2020. All rules for the competition must be followed and will only be handed out to the island leader.

An Apology
Jon previously announced that the Skyblock Greek Server would not be resetting at the end of the season. However, we have discussed between management that we believe Skyblock should reset to make the ultimate experience possible for all players of the Blaze Gaming Community!
We have intentionally released this announcement 1 week before the reset to give all members the opportunity to save a schematic of their base if they wish to do so. Now, onto the good stuff!

We have also made the hard decision to move Skyblock to 1.13 to reduce the amount of lag which will be presence for our players. Fear not - your experience will not be changed and you will still be able to play on 1.15!


We have produced an Allowed/Disallowed Modifications List for Skyblock to prevent confusion when it comes to what is allowed. The largest change of all is the rule surrounding autoclickers.

Autoclickers are allowed in the new season on Islands - in PVP/outside of your island This is a bannable offence and will be punished accordingly.
Introducing PVP Bans: As Autoclickers are now allowed on Islands we are introducing PVP-only temp and perma bans. These will be awarded to people who use inappropriate modifications to enhance their pvp experience. These will be awarded by Moderation staff if caught and are non-appeal-able.

Similarly, we have introduced 60 second Death bans from PVP (don't worry - not from the whole server!) to give players who fight to the death a greater chance at winning PVP Events such as KoTHs and Envoys.
Introducing KoTH (King of the Hill) Events: These events require you to stand in a small area until the timer runs out. The person who stands on the platform for the designated time will recieve KoTH Crate Keys!

There will be two types of KoTHs: Normal and Tournament KoTHs. Normal KoTHs will run once an hour (at a range of locations on the map) and you will receive between 2 and 3 keys. Tournament KoTHs will be staff-ran events where the top player will recieve a grand prize (such as a rank or other crate keys!)
We have a brand new Spawn which will be present on our new server. Check out a preview image below for an overview before the release (and check out the trailer if you haven't already done so!)

View attachment 79
For this map we have overhauled the crates and the items you can recieve. During the last season there was many complaints about wrong rewards being given. These crates have been fixed and some crates have been removed to allow for improvements.
There has been a few Economy Changes which can be viewed on our new Economy Spreadsheet later on during the week. This will have new and updated prices for all spawners and farming sell prices. Make sure to subscribe to @OPSky for more information about this change!
We have added three new starter islands with more coming in the next map: Poppy, Tropical and Forest. Check them out on release day!


  • New Queue System has been added for joining Skyblock during release​
  • Staff Rank Prefixes have been made uniform throughout the discord, server and forums​
  • "Block Stacking" Has been added (This means only one of each block, such as diamond/emerald block) has to be placed and others "stacked" inside to count for your island level -
  • Scoreboard has been updated​
  • Added Island Borders to see the "edge" of your island​
  • /is setpaypal and /is setdiscord has been added for distributing IS TOP Prizes​
  • Mob Stacking has been turned on (250 per stack)​
  • Killing Stacked Mobs will kill the entire stack​
  • Tablist has been given a complete makeover​
  • Message of the Day has been given a makeover aswell!​
  • Red Sand has been added to /shop​
  • Kelp has been added to /shop​
  • Beetroot has been added to /shop​
  • Staff now have coloured chat to stand out more when assisting within the community​
  • /is missions has replaced /is challenges - more missions will be added as the season goes on​
  • Tokens has been moved to a new plugin to allow for expansion in the future​
  • New Gambling plugin has been added to the server​
  • Daily Rewards has been removed from the server temporarily to allow for us to re-make them​
  • XP Transfers have been disabled​
  • Keep Inventory has been enabled on the server​
  • Lots of other small, minor bug fixes​
Following this announcement, we will be hosting a series of events in the coming days. This is the schedule:

  • 17th April @ 2pm EST: THE PURGE
    • Like the film, there will be a period of 1 HOUR where no rules will apply on Skyblock. This will be a time of complete chaos and Spawn Protection will be turned off!​
    • Some rules will still apply, which will be made clearer nearer to the time.​
  • 18th April @ 2PM EST: Skyblock Season 2 Release​
  • 19th April @ 2PM EST: KoTH Tournament​
  • 25th April @ 2PM EST: Parkour Event​
  • 26th April @ 2PM EST: Chest Hunt Event​

To celebrate the new season, there will be a 20% OFF SALE on ALL Skyblock Packages! This will last for 48 HOURS and will never happen again!