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    New Member
    1 ) In game name - JeremyJr1

    2 ) discord Grayexa#0001

    3 ) If 2 players were arguing I would bring them into private messages and resolve the problem. If this continued, I would give each other a warning.

    4 ) If a player was attempting to bypass the filter, I would first ask him not to do it again, and if he persisted, I would give him a warning.

    5 ) If a player was disrupting others, I would first message them and tell them to stop. If they do not, i would probably warn/temporarily mute.

    6 ) I'm happy playing with or without getting this, but I think I would help the servers newer players start, and help regulars.

    7 ) I play around 100 - 120 hours a week on the server.

    8 ) I play on the Eastern Daylight timezone.

    9 ) I know alot about pixelmon because I have played every pokemon game, and I have played minecraft for about 5 years

    10 ) For additional information, I do go on frequent vacations with my family, so I will not be available some days.

    11 ) I mainly play on Thunder.