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    Cole bennett

    New Member
    1 ) Bloodywolf5665
    2 ) That_Lazy_guy#5194
    3 ) I would ask them to take it to msg
    4 ) Kindly ask them to stop if they continue I would warn them to stop if they continued after my warning I would temp ban them.
    5 ) I would kindly ask them to stop and if they didn't I would give them a warning if they continued I would mute them but if they still continued I would temp ban them.
    6 ) I'm very mature I don't really pick sides till I can see both stories.
    7 ) I'm on at least 5 hours and most of the time on weekends.
    8 ) Central Time.
    9 ) I know most things about it but some stuff i'm still fairly new to.
    10 ) Aqua.