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    New Member
    1: StoopidZebra
    2: StoopidZebra#9733
    3: I would tell them both to calm down and ask them what the issue is and try to resolve it, if they didnt stop then i would warn them then if continues i would mute.
    4. I would let them know that bypassing the profanity filter is not allowed and please watch your language and if they continued then i would warn them (depending on what they are saying)
    5. I would dm them and tell them that they need to knock it off and insulting players is never okay, but if they have already been verbally warned about it then i would /warn and if they had already been warned i would mute and so on depending on what the last punishment was.
    6. I think I would be a great staff member, again. Honestly i just got to heated the night i left and i have regretted it ever since, i want to prove that i still have to what it takes an
    d become staff once again.
    7. 30+ depending on the week
    8. Cst
    10. I have been recently staff and honestly i miss being staff and i just wish i never left so even though i will come in one less rank, i'd be more then happy with that i just want to be able to be on the staff team once again.
    11. Aqua