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  • Approved Strikeshadow1195 Staff application <3


    New Member
    Ign: Strikeshadow1195
    Discord: zZzHallow#8295
    If two players were arguing in general chat and disturbing the peace of the server I would first message each player individually and ask them to stop arguing in general and if they have conflict do it privately through messages. After that I would also ask each of the players what the problem is so I can find out the root of the issue and attempt to resolve the argument while following rules and regulations. if they continue after that I will seek further help from a higher ranking staff member.

    A player attempting to bypass the profanity filter will be given a warning and if they continue after the warning they will receive the punishment for breaking the profanity rule.

    A player that is constantly disrupting and insulting others will be given a warning to stop and after that will receive punishment for disrupting the peace

    You should chose me over other applicants as I have experience being staff on multiple servers as well as i am an active member of blaze and strive to help others and achieve a level of kindness and compassion when it comes to helping and serving the community.

    I play at least 30+ hours a week on the server and love the community and the friendly staff that go above and beyond to help the issues that players are having.

    I am playing on EST.
    I know most of the info there is to know about pixlemon as I've been playing the modpack for years but I am always willing to learn new information everyday.

    I am a very goofy kind and compassionate member of the community and get along with everyone I strive to achieve a level of kindness and seriousness to everyone. When it comes to putting my foot down on rules I am very stubborn and will not let anything slide when it comes to breaking the rules of the server as well as disrupting the community.

    The server I mainly play on is Aqua <3