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  • Declined Troy Staff Application 2019


    New Member
    Well, hello Blaze Gaming Staff Team. This is my application for being staff on the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Network. I hope u enjoy it.

    1) Ign = Bilspleet24
    2) Troy.p07#6251
    3) That isn't a hard question. I would first ask them to stop and just be kind to each other, and talk about this problem normal. I want to make sure Blaze Gaming is a kindhearted Gaming Network and everybody is welcome on the server. If they dont listen, i will send them a msg, just to let them know im serious about the situation. If they keep arguing. I will warn them.
    4) I would ask them nicely to stop swearing. As i said i want Blaze Gaming as a kindhearted server and everyone is welcome. So in this case i will be a bit more aggressive. If they keep trying to bypass it, i will warn them.
    5) Same as above, i dont like people insulting others, i mean, a bit joking around that doesnt matter, but really insulting them and making others feel bad, that terrible. I would clearly ask them to stop insulting the person. If they dont stop, i will warn them. So they know they dont have to mess around with others if they dont like it.
    6) I really care about the players on the Blaze Gaming server. I like meeting new people, and i really think there have to be good staff who really want to take care of the server. I want to make sure everybody can play safe on the Blaze Gaming Network and nobody is going to feel bad/worse on the server.
    7) 14 Hours a week i think. Maybe more.
    8) GMT ( Netherlands )
    9) I've been playing pixelmon on different servers, and i've learned a lot since i started playing pixelmon, i wouldn't say I know everything, but I know a lot about pixelmon, the commands and Ingame Items.
    10) I don't really think so
    11) I dont really like pvp servers, i used to play that a lot when i was younger, but theses days i find Pixelmon more interesting. So i would defenitly say Blaze Gaming ( Inferno )

    This was my Staff Application, i hope u enjoyed reading it.
    Troy ( Bilspleet24 )