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  • WRONGLY Banned for Auto Clicking


    New Member
    In game name: TheParzival3
    Server: Greek SkyBlock
    Time (s) being banned: FIRST
    Player who banned me: SamGamerYT
    Length of Ban: A week
    Reason: I should be unbanned because I was not hacking, I was not using an auto clicker, I have only been playing for maybe two weeks, The person who banned me has no proof of me hacking. He has banned a total of 4 people including me within the last 4 days so who is he to be allowed to ban me? I was not cheating anyone else on the game, I was on my own island playing like i have been for the past two weeks or so, I never got any warnings. This was completely unwarranted.



    New Member
    Hello there. Please be patient. Your ban appeal will be looked into when fellow staff members have time to do so til then we ask for patience and time to allow us to look more into it. Thank you for your time.


    New Member
    It sounds not pleasant because its not supposed to sound pleasant... It was absurd that I got banned, especially for the length of time that I did. On top of that it still has not been looked into and its been over a week.


    New Member
    I know it can be hard to be banned, especially for the first time. But still be patient and write polite, the more polite you are to staff the higher the chance is for an unban.


    New Member
    I am being polite... But I still need to get across the correct feelings about this. Its almost pointless at this point because it has been over a week and the ban is over, although it does not change my feeling about the whole thing. Being banned or un-banned should have only to do with actions in-game (obviously there could be the severe case of something on a forum etc). I shouldn't have to "be polite" to the right people just to get un-banned. It should be a totally factual thing. Right or wrong, cheating or hacking or not, should be the only basis of a ban or un-ban. The point im trying to get across is that there are things wrong with the system. If Blaze wants to have the best server and community out there (like how they encourage voting etc) then they need to address issues in a timely fashion. Otherwise anyone could just go and start banning people with out any repercussions because the cases don't get looked into until well after the ban is over.