🌸 Blaze Gaming - Skyblock Reset 🌸

Greetings, Blaze gamers!

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived—Skyblock reset is on the horizon! Get ready for an exciting journey as we launch into the new season on March 15th, 2024.

Brace yourselves for an array of thrilling new features and challenges!

⬆️ Minecraft 1.20.4 Update:

We're proud to announce that we're up-to-date with the latest Minecraft version. Prepare to explore all the new features and improvements that come with Minecraft 1.20.4, like pretty trims for your armor and some new decorationblocks for your own island.

Also the sniffers are already excited to join our new season!

🆕 New Maps and Areas:

After years of immersing ourselves in the captivating realm of Greek mythology, we've chosen to bid farewell to the ancient gods and go on an enchanting journey into the realms of fantasy, magic, and wonders.
We all will meet at our new spawn that holds the strenght of the Tree of Life!

⚒️ Reworked Server Structure:

We've been busy behind the scenes, completely reworking the server's foundation to make this new season possible. These changes ensure a smoother performance, lag-free gameplay, and set the stage for exciting future features. 🌟

💗Huge thanks to our community for their patience and support throughout! Without the feedbacks, suggestions, etc. we wouldn't have come that far with it. Thank you!💗

Lets talk now about the new features and changes that will come up in this season:

Our primary challenge for this new season centered around the modernization of the island system. Extensive restructuring was necessary to ensure alignment with the latest Minecraft version, as well as to revitalize outdated systems and infuse Skyblock with a renewed energy.

🏝️ Multi-Island-Function

Players have the flexibility to own or be a part of multiple islands, with the limit determined by their rank—up to five islands in total. As an island team member, you can seamlessly transfer items between islands, facilitating collaboration and resource management across your various ventures.

🏝️ Island Menu

The island menu makes its return with a sleek and minimalist design, presenting all options conveniently within a single window.

🏝️ Island Upgrades

Up- and Downgradable Cobble Generator

Now, not only is it upgradable, but it's also customizable with a vibrant new color palette between levels. Upgrade your generator for better blocks and maximize your money income with it!

Nether and End

"Money makes the world go round," and that sentiment holds true for this season as well. To advance and amass enough funds to acquire our exciting new treasures, you still have the opportunity to unlock the Nether and End islands for your team's benefit, where you can obtain better drops from minions or your cobble generator.

🏝️ Island Cosmetics

Additionally, we are introducing several new features such as island colors, icons, and more, allowing your team's identity to shine through on the server!

We've revamped the 👑 Island Top competition! Say goodbye to the old block placing system and hello to a new challenge focused on wealth accumulation. The essence remains the same: dominate and rule!

👑Monthly - Island Top Competition

Get ready for weekly showdowns as players battle it out for the prestigious 👑Island Top spots!

  • Each week, the Top 5 players will earn valuable points, propelling them towards victory in the monthly evaluation.
  • But here's the twist: after every intense week of competition, the value balance resets for all, giving everyone a chance to gain points for the monthly board!
  • The Top 5 islands at the end of the month will recieve nice prizes like store vouchers, custom tags, player particles and more! 👑

🆕 Sell Chests

The old void chest has undergone a complete redesign, now serving a new purpose for this season.

  • All sales from sell chests contribute to the 👑island top competition, rather than personal balances.
  • Sell chests come equipped with a filter function, allowing players to organize and select specific blocks and items.
  • To keep chests operational and stay ahead of competitors, Tokens are required for fuel.
  • Players have the option to upgrade the tier of their sell chests through the Researcher (refer to "Researcher" for more details).
  • Items cant be placed manually in the chest, only entity drops or minion drops can be transfered into the sell chests.

Reflecting on past seasons, we've acknowledged the importance of optimizing our hardworking minions. We reworked the minions fully and made a complete new system.

Features of the new minions:

  • Single layer build
  • New drops in the different dimensions
  • Profitable Upgrades (Fortune, Range, etc.)
  • Token-Fuel system to keep them operational
  • Multi-filter function to different destinations
  • Rename function
  • Statistics Logs
  • Special minion skins for donator ranks!

...and more!

Here a sneak-peak into the minion menu, where you can change, set and upgrade your helping minion!

Futhermore, we've implemented substantial changes to spawners and mobs, intensifying the challenge and excitement of this season even further.

Upgradable Spawners

  • There will be 16 different types of Spawners, each upgradeable up to Level 3. When they reach Level 3, the mobs will drop special items worth much more than before.

We've implemented a fresh visual enhancement for mob encounters, improving the visibility of HP, damage, and kill count per hit, providing a clearer and more engaging gameplay experience.

Say hello to the Researcher⏳, a thrilling new addition to Skyblock!
To upgrade your new spawners and sell chests, simply meet the requirements, start the research, and witness your items transform gradually.

Welcome to Mythicwoods - our new PVE map!

Venture into these mystical woods to encounter magic and mythical mobs and creatures blocking your path. Complete quests in each area to unlock access to the final Crystal Cave, where precious ores await your discovery. Jump on this thrilling adventure and unearth the treasures hidden within!

Harnessing the mystical powers of the Tree of Life, a portal to a new realm has been unveiled— Element Valley, our new PVP area!

Here, engage in fierce combat with your adversaries, strive to claim dominion over the Water or Fire Temple, or partake in the exhilarating hunt for envoy drops, filled with invaluable treasures!

The stage is set: which elemental force will reign supreme in this thrilling showdown?🌊

Get ready for an exhilarating new season! We can't wait to see, who will rise to the challenge and emerge as the ultimate island champion. Let the adventure begin! 🌞