Pixelmon Lightning 1.16.5 Release

Hello Pixelmon players!

For the last 6 months we've been working hard behind the scenes on a brand new Pixelmon experience on Blaze.

We are excited to announce that Pixelmon Lightning has been officially released to the public!

The existing 1.12.2 Pixelmon servers will remain active on the network until we've fully updated the 1.16.5 Pixelmon server and feel that it is a complete experience.

Pixelmon Lightning is a brand new server which means no existing ranks on other servers will be transferred over, as such a new category in the store for this server has been opened with updated ranks, keys, and tokens.

What's Changed


Firstly, it's 1.16.5! For those who've not yet experienced Pixelmon in 1.16.5 it is recommended that you read through the recent changelogs on the Pixelmon site as there have been lots of big changes to core gameplay! Here you can find a few examples:

Breeding Overhaul

Breeding in Pixelmon has completely changed! No longer are the days of massive areas of ranch blocks and guessing at how the breeding environments work. The new Pixelmon system works inline with the PC block. Each player will have a set number of daycare boxes which can be used to breed two Pokemon. Once you've given the daycare your two Pokemon it will ask you to give it a set of different requirements before they begin breeding. On Blaze, we've implemented certain economy changes to make sure breeding economies stay alive and healthy throughout the map!
- Pokemon that are 80% + IVs or marked as BP (Battle Perfect) are subject to a breeding tax of PokeDollars. Don't worry, casual players! We've added an option to make the Pokemon untradeable to avoid paying the fee entirely. However, beware! If you make a pokemon untradeable and breed it, the offspring will also be untradeable!


Pixelmon has implemented PokéStops into the game, where you will find them spawning in the wild as part of normal world generation. There are three rarities of PokéStops that can be found which are Common, Rare, and Legendary. All PokéStops come with random loot for each player when you interact with them. They will then turn red to signify that they are on cooldown for you for the next 24 hours. This means that you will then be able to return to the PokéStop to collect more loot!

Berry & Apricorn Trees

Pixelmon has also changed how Berry and Apricorn trees work so that you no longer need a mechnical anvil, or massive farms to make curries and pokéballs! You will find berry trees generating in villages, as they have replaced the vanilla farms that can usually be found in villages. You will then be able to find the apricorn trees naturally spawning in forests all over the world!
Both Apricorn and Berry trees now work like normal minecraft trees, and like collecting apples from oak trees! All the types of berries have their own unique shape, and so are much easier to identify. However, the Apricorn trees are more disguised and much more difficult to pick out among the forest.

As Berries and Apricorns now generate as trees they also have their own leaves, and types of wood. All of which you'll be able to purchase from the decoration blocks section of the shop!

Tumblestone & Hammers

With the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus last year Pixelmon also added Tumblestone, which are used for crafting the "Ancient" variants of the new PokéBalls. There are three types of tumblestone that spawn naturally in the extreme hills biomes, which are Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestonme, and Black Tumblestone. The tumblestone has to go through five stages of growth and then once in the fifth stage of growth they can be harvested using a hammer. You then have to break the block three times before it gives you some raw tumblestone and goes into a decayed state.

World Generation

In addition to the above two changes to world generation there are also lots of new structures that generate across all dimensions. For example, there are arenas that generate in villages, alongside refreshed PokéMarts and PokéCenters, and DayCare buildings. All raid gens now spawn inside handcrafted structures in the different biomes, as do the ilex, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno shrines.

You will also come across some villains in the world such as the Team Plasma frigate, and Team Galactic attempting to steal the arc chalice!


Ultra Space has been revamped and now looks better than ever! Explore this world and find all new structures such as Ultra Raid Dens, Grottos and Ruins! The Ultra Deep Sea, Desert, Jungle and Forest biomes have brand new world generation that make it cooler than ever to explore!


There will also be plenty of changes to the experience we're providing on our Blaze Pixelmon servers. Below you can find a few examples of some new features, and implementations.


The spawn is looking better than ever! We've taken the existing spawn build from 1.12 and themed it around all the new 1.16 blocks that were available! Zekrom is taking over the city of Lightning, and it's up to you all to become the best trainers possible in order to stop him!

PokéDex Lives

We have added a new system to prevent Dex Trading from frequently occuring and also in hopes to remove the Dex Trading rule once and for all (yay!). Every pokemon now has 3 Dex Lives, which means whenever a Pokemon is registered into someones PokéDex it will lose a Dex Life!


We've revamped the entire /shop plugin and made it as understandable as possible! It does all the things the 1.12 shop did and more! This includes new features like /sell all and /sell hand which will be available to donators, buying multiple stacks of items and more! Use the /shop menu to sell all the items you find on your journey around Blaze and make money as much as possible!


There are now fun new ways to receive all the rewards you love, called spins! We've implemented different types of Spins, such as Random Shiny Spins, Legendary Spins and Shiny Legendary Spins! Below you can see the cool models and GUIs we've come up with to make them as fun as possible!


Our crates plugin is no longer going to constantly shoot out fake keys! Now, your keys will stack in your inventory without problem, and they've even received a nice makeover as well with our resource pack! We hope you enjoy the quality of life features the new crates plugin brings with it! The Omni and Plasma Crates no longer are guaranteed legendaries - they've received new rewards such as 80% IV Dittos, IV Maxers, Legend Tier Chat Tags and more!

Chat Cosmetics

The Chat plugin now has an immense amount of upgrades done to it, including all new Emojis, Chat Colors, Chat Shares, Chat Tags and more! You can view more information about all these nice upgrades to the chat if you go to /warp info when you're on the server!

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you on the server! Join today using Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.0 on our IP play.mc-blaze.com!