PVE Bosses & The Adventurer

Hey Skyblockers! It's been just over a month since we launched our brand new season of Skyblock! We've been blown away by the support and players that we've received and cant wait to release this major update for all of you today!

For the last few weeks we've been working on some MASSIVELY requested features alongside releasing minor things as frequently as possible such as the Christmas advent calendar and Christmas mail.

PVE Bosses

About a year ago we had a boss that spawned on a regular timer in the pvp area. We ended up removing this because it was pretty boring along with the fact that it spawned in pvp, limiting the whole point of a boss which is community engagement and coming together to defeat a common enemy.

This is why we've decided to bring bosses to the PVE Mine as well as change up substantially how they work.

Meet the two new residents of the PVE Mine: The Deep Creature & The Ent Gang

Both of these mobs have powerful attacks and shouldn't be assumed to be an easy target. Great rewards will be given to the top 3 damagers of these bosses upon defeating them along with everyone who got over a required amount of damage getting a seperate reward

You may be asking: "Well how can we spawn and fight these bosses then!?". The answer to that lies with the next feature. From today, in the PVE mine layers that these bosses can be found near, you will be able to find special Summoning Shard blocks that when mined will grant you with a Summoning Shard that can be sacrificed in order to contribute to the spawning of one of these bosses.

Heres how the Summoning Shard Blocks will look:

Upon breaking one of these you will receive a shard of the respective type like this:

These shards can be sacrificed to the summoning totems that are in open clearings located both between the Dryad and Merpeople levels as well as next to the Hellhound level. They look like this:

A Boss Summoning Totem

The PVE Adventurer

One of the large problems that has affected this season of skyblock is peoples client connection to the server along with some bugs causing peoples game or the entire server to kick people. Unforutnately this has resulted in the loss of many items when trying to grind quests in the PVE mine or get OP loot. Especially with the major release of bosses above, we needed a way that we could allow you guys to die in the mines without feeling like all is totally lost.

This is where the PVE Adventurer comes in to save the day. This hard working soul can be found at spawn next to the blacksmith and as soon as you're not looking, He's in the PVE Mine slaying mobs and gathering loot. On his travels he comes across many piles of loot left behind by unfortunate and underprepared travellers. When the day is done he sets up shop in the spawn area and can offer you any items you've lost while in the PVE mine... for a price.

Chat to him when you die and you'll find that your items can be bought straight back, feel free to reject items that he offers too but be warned, any items rejected are kept forever and cannot be bought at a later time. The Adventurer can only hold one inventory's worth of items at a time, so make sure it doesn't fill up too much!

New Furniture & Food

Survival players already know that the tokenshop is packed full of surprises in terms of cool bundles of furniture to decorate your builds as well as custom craftable food such as pizza, cakes and even some fancy drinks. All of these things have made their way to skyblock so enjoy decorating and eating your way into new year!


As we near the end of the year and after this update is pushed today we will be opening the #skyblock-lets-chat channel through discord. We've done this in the past but not for a while. It's a channel where we can ask you the community some questions and get some answers in a collective way that we can use to take the server forward

This channel will open on Sunday 11/12/2022 and will close the following weekend. I encourage each and every one of you to prepare some feedback on what you like about the server, what you would do to improve it and most importantly any crazy new ideas for us to implement!

Before you begin typing CHRISTMAS CRATE in your notes to yell at us about I can assure you that the Christmas Crate is just around the corner and in the gallery below you can see a couple of the festive yet crazy abilities that you can get your hands on for the holiday season:

This AND MORE will be coming in the crate which is right around the corner, including:

  • Christmas Emojis
  • Christmas Furniture
  • Christmas Tags
  • Christmas Chat & Nick Colours

Bug Fixes & QOL

  • New ingame /FAQ for frequently asked questions
  • Fixed visual issue with enchantment rune textures
  • Fixed visual issue in /FAQ
  • Brand new christmas themed tags in rotation for token shop
  • New auction house implemented
  • Advent calendar added
  • Christmas mail added
  • Fixed auction house not allowing item listing
  • Fixed and re-added achivements
  • Removed hellhound baby spawning
  • Fixed Dryad Killer achievement reward
  • Fixed MCMMO Leafblower
  • Added 1.19.3 Support and fixed the custom texture displays on this latest version
  • Fixed PVE Mobs being invisible sometimes
  • Fixed a bug with combining normal vanilla enchantments to items that have > max cap of custom enchantments
  • Fixed a bug where you could blackscroll whitescrolls
  • Made it so slot crystals cant be blackscrolled until after the enchantments are under the cap
  • Fixed a bug where farmhand enchantment wasnt removing durability properly