Skyblock Greek Season Reset

Hello everyone!

As many of you know the current season of skyblock launched on April 21st this year. To be completely honest when we launched that we had no idea the sheer amount of support and love you all would show for what we created. We're ever grateful for that and have loved every minute of the current season. Thank you for keeping it populated, alive and amazing for over 6 months, our longest ever Skyblock season!

We think that now is a perfect time to announce a large refresh for everybody in order to make some large changes to gameplay that is fair for everyone as well as giving some of the more experiences players that fresh feeling again :p

The new Skyblock season will release on SATURDAY 5th OF NOVEMBER @ 3PM EST. We cannot wait to see you there!

As usual here is the long list of Updates, changes and bug fixes for you all to enjoy when you play in the new season of skyblock!

Reset Vault

In an uncharacteristic move from us, we've decided that this change can't even wait for the new season and have decided to drop this one on the current live server tonight!

The reset vault allows you to bring a limited amount of items with you to the new season! There are heavy restrictions on this but you can expect to be able to bring some of the most exclusive items with you so that they won't be lost forever!

Here's how it works:

Be sure to login before the reset in order to put your most prized possessions into it!

The slots for the reset vault are unlocked in the following order:

Hera rank: +1 slot
Gaia rank: +1 slot
Cronus rank: +1 slot
Hades rank: +1 slot
Kratos rank: +1 slot
Zeus rank: +1 slot
Cyclops ingame rank: +1 slot
Hippocampus Ingame Rank: +1 slot

Spawn Changes

With the new season we thought it was a good opportunity to shift the layout of the spawn around a bit. You can see below some of the changes that we've made. It really gives the area a new feel and opens the space a bit more while being easier to take in for newer players.

The Wild Update

The keen eyed among you will have noticed the use of some brand new blocks in the spawn pictures above. Yes! The latest Skyblock season will be running on Minecraft 1.19.2 which means all of the new mobs and blocks will be available for you to use to build and farm with. Enjoy harvesting a mangrove tree or lighting your base up with frog lights!

Store Changes

Midway through the current season we took a look at the store on the website and thought: "wow that's overwhelming". We've decided to revamp sections of the store for the reset including the removal of a lot of individual items, Creating useful bundles that give multiple items at a great price as well as the removal of the Underworld crate. It wasn't loved but will still be missed. Honestly there were just too many crates and hopefully this change will really make getting that Atlantis key feel like a win!

New In-game Chat System

As everyone that's ever joined skyblock knows, It's quite complicated to understand the differences between your chat colour, nickname, nickname colour and chat tag. We realised this and decided to create an all in one solution in a singular place! This aims to make possibilities in chat way cooler as well as making it much easier for anyone to be able to give themselves a cool nickname or chat colour.

In the new system you will set a nickname with /nick and when you'd like to pick colours you can enter our brand new /colors menu, choose whether you'd like to colour your nickname or chat and then proceed with the selection!

The new features that you can expect are:

  • Gradient chat colours
  • Pre-set gradient nickname colours
  • Easy to use multicolour nick GUI
  • Changing nick and chat colour
  • Ingame RGB colour picker
  • Randomize button

In addition to these nick and chat colour updates we've also added a much requested feature: Chat emojis! Be prepared to meme in chat when someone dies or send hearts to the person you love:

Custom Enchantments Rework

Another thing synonymous with Skyblock: Custom enchantments not working as intended, accidentally yeeting themselves from your items or even causing some of the worst griefs to the spawn, warzone and even player islands. Quite frankly we hate them. Because of this we've decided to fully rework them along with finally moving away from the 1.8 PVP dynamic that we've been using for the longest time now.

I know that some of you may not be happy with this but we are committed to balancing the new combat system to work for everyone. The other benefit of moving to use more modern Minecraft features is we can provide cooler custom enchants for newer items.

The new enchanting system has over 75 enchantments made for us and they will be tuned to perfection over the weeks. More enchantments will also be added down the line as we will be the sole maintainers of this system rather than the previous one that nobody could make changes to.

Take a look at the brand new enchanter and help menus below:

Any feedback on the new enchantments, how they work and any suggestions of brand new enchantments or enchantments you feel are missing due to the change are greatly appreciated. Please reach out to our lovely staff team about this and they will help you direct your suggestion/question to the right person!

Missions Changes

We had a look at everybody's mission progress during last season and realised something. When we first made the island missions we wanted to encourage people to do them as much as possible. With this we may have exaggerated the rewards they give a bit dramatically. We have toned down the mission rewards for the next season. Not massively but you may notice a bit less free stuff from us on this front :p

In-game Ranks Changes

We have decided to increase the prices that in-game ranks cost for the new season. We want them to be attainable but also a decent grind and I feel like they weren't necessarily that last season. We have also decided to give them fancy custom colours though to make the tags look even more swag as well as adding reset vault slots to both Cyclops and Hippocampus rank!

PVE Mine Expansion

We've heard you! You want more mob spawns, you want the pve mine to be bigger.. Until now the problem with that was the fact that the current amount of mob spawns cause lag for people's connection to the server, and making it a bit bigger wont solve that. We've pioneered a unique solution to this problem by increasing the size of the mine quite a lot. Without getting technical we have next to eliminated lag entirely from the PVE mine even on bad internet connections!

Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the expanded mine and kill as many mobs as you want to! Be careful though because more mobs means harder for you...

I have a couple of pictures to share on some new additions to the PVE Mine. As of yet I'm unable to tell you their purpose but let your imagination go wild because you'll find out in only a few weeks...

Mystery Mob Spawners

We think the old mystery mob spawners were a bit boring. They gave you a plain ol spawner that you could have just got from the shop and quite often it didn't give you any of the good ones anyway. We've decided that we want mystery mob spawners to give you completely unique mobs that you WONT find anywhere else. Take a look at the cool mobs that you can get from one that aren't available in the shop:

Hopefully this spices things up as well as introduces some of the more modern mobs that I'm definitely missing in Skyblock!

Nether & End Islands

We've been searching for ways to make the nether and the end cooler, more interesting and make people really want to get it as soon as possible! One of these ideas has been to introduce custom build nether and end default islands so that when you spawn in you really feel as though you've progressed to a different dimension. Check them out below!

On top of this we've added the following other benefits to the nether and end islands with regard to minions.


  • Farmer minions can only farm Carrot, Potato, Beetroot & Wheat
  • Lumberjack minions can only farm Jungle, Dark Oak & Spruce


  • Farmer minions can only farm Netherwart
  • Lumberjack minions can only farm Crimson, Warped & Acacia


  • Farmer minions can only farm Chorus Fruit
  • Lumberjack minions can only farm Oak, Birch & Mangrove

With these changes there are also some new sell prices for crops both from minions and not from minions:

Pumpkin/Melon - 5$
Kelp - 6$
Cane - 10$
Bamboo - 12.5$
Cocoa Beans - 15$


Potato/Carrot/Wheat/Beetroot - Overworld only - 2.5$
Netherwart - Nether only - 5$
Chorus Fruit - End Only - 8.5$
Chorus Flower - End Only (rare) - 15$


Jungle/Spruce/Dark Oak - Overworld Only - $0.75
Acacia/Crimson/Warped - Nether Only - $1.5
Oak/Birch/Mangrove - End Only - $2

On top of this we've sorted the biomes in all three worlds so you're no longer just in "void world" if you're in the overworld, and the nether/end islands have also got the proper biome attached to them!

New Harvester Tools

With the reset we've also decided to add 2 new harvester tools to the family! This being the jungle axe & the multi hoe. See them below:

PVE Armor Changes

We've heard your concerns about heart of the mine and how difficult it is to get. We've also seen a lack of use on the lower tiers of PVE Armor with everyone just vying for Hellhound Armor ASAP and not caring about anything else. We've aimed to get two birds with one stone and not only introduced PVE Armor upgrading but also brand new abilities for ALL of the PVE Armor that are insanely cool but also provide lots more utility. This is a massive buff to the gear that you all grind so hard for!


How this works is you use your rare and coveted Heart of The Mine to craft basilisk gear only. After this all you need to do is provide the previous piece of armor + the required materials for the next and you've got yourself the next piece of gear. Heres an example of me crafting Merpeople leggings:

We hope that this new system not only encourages people to use the lower tier armor but also makes the need for heart of the mine less apparent due to not needing it to craft the armor!

PVE Item Buffs

As people know who've been on skyblock a while and have grinded for the items, not all of the abilities worked and even the ones that did were mediocre at best in terms of coolness factor and functionality when fighting the mobs. We aim to remedy this by giving the PVE Armor and Weapons some of the coolest abilities and skills ever seen. Take a look below:






There are more abilities that you've not see in these pictures but I'm sure you'll love them!


At the beginning of the season we've made the decision that leaderboards will not begin until 2 WEEKS INTO THE SEASON.

The first week of leaderboards will begin on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19TH

Bugs & QOL

  • Added island permission for crop harvesting and planting
  • Fixed minion place and break island permission ( requires block place/break)
  • Platform Wands now take all blocks of the same type from your inventory first!
  • Envoys now announce to every world not just pvp
  • All 1.19 blocks and drops have been added to the /shop
  • Stacked boosters can be used without breaking
  • PVE Mobs drop tokens again and this is affected by token boosters
  • Envoy flares dont reset the envoy cooldown anymore
  • Harvester tools can no longer be made netherite
  • Island leader bugs fixed
  • Ponyta pet in pve fixed
  • Pet eggs in your offhand will now work
  • Sylveon pet displays correct information
  • Endermen don't teleport if from spawners
  • Minion range particles are now toggleable
  • Fast place no longer dupes odd blocks
  • Cyan glazed terracotta has been replaced with amethyst blocks
  • Bonemeal has been fixed to work again
  • Bonemealing crops near minions wont work
  • Crops now grow the correct amount of stages
  • Island stacker hologram duplication fixed
  • Netherwart missions bug fixed
  • No more blank chat messages
  • Stop extra drops when mob stacks die to slayer
  • Envoy timer back in pvp/pve hologram
  • Reduced price of golden apples in pvp shop
  • All custom items have fixed and fancy lore
  • When you fall out of the world you are teleported to your island home
  • More PVE Envoy spawn places
  • Nametagging spawn egg animals works
  • Fixed dupe with platform wand
  • New combat tag that teleports you away from PVE if you login to it
  • Brand new achievements with mystery mob spawner mobs
  • Can no longer place pets with platform wands
  • Can place crops with platform wands
  • Remove offhand and inventory when in parkour properly