Jurassic Survival 1.19 Reset

Hello survival enthusiasts!

It's been a VERY long time coming but we are here to announce our impending Jurassic Survival server reset!

We are excited to announce that Jurassic Survival will be resetting on Saturday July 2nd @ 2pm EST

The current Survival server will go down for maintenance in preparation for this release on Wednesday 29th June @ 7am EST

What you will keep with this reset:

  • Donator Ranks (bought or won)
  • Perks bought or won from crates

What will be reset and lost:

  • Structures, buildings and bases in the survival world
  • Items in your inventory, ender chest or any form or storage
  • Progress for achievments/quests
  • Balances for money, mobcoins or any other currency

Other reset related things:

For the first week of the new map, these will be in effect for everyone

  • Fly Disabled
  • Ender pearls, Blaze Powder and Ender Eye's removed from /shop

New Features:

Information About The Worlds

Everyone voted in a poll earlier this month about the new reset's world sizes and the conclusion was that people wanted a map smaller than last season. Below are the map sizes for the new season

  • Overworld - 10,000 blocks in every direction
  • Nether - 7,500 blocks in every direction
  • End - 5,000 blocks in every direction

All of these sizes can increase over time very easily and we will monitor this based on resources available.

The Wild Update

As everyone knows, on June 7th, Minecraft released another major update to the game, this added more biomes, mobs, blocks and mechanics for everyone to play around with! All of these brand new things are fully integrated into Jurassic Survival's world so that you can experience them!

With the new features added in this update you can fight the warden, feed a frog some baby slimes and venture into the ancient city to find exclusive loot!

With us upgrading to version 1.19, we also gain compared with previously, all of the brand new world height, caves and cliffs content that were missing from the current Jurassic Survival experience.


We've been teasing it for a while but in the title image as well as some more pictures here you can see in full glory the brand new Jurassic themed spawn area for Survival!

Casino is Back!

Inside the brand new spawn area the Casino makes it's return! Bet against other players in games to win or play against the server in roulette to risk it all!

The Extinction Zone

Ever since survival has been called "Jurassic", we've had multitudes of brand new players asking "Where's the dinosaurs??". Until now we had no answer for them! With this reset we've made it our mission to be able to tell them EXACTLY where the dinosaurs are!

Introducing The Extinction Zone

Bird's eye view of the island

The Extinction Zone is an isolated island that can be travelled to via the big boat in spawn. Upon travelling there you will find yourself in the area in the bottom left. Named the visitors centre it is a safe hub where people from anywhere can come to trade, buy and sell various items available on the island.

Be warned, this is the ONLY safe place on the island

While there is no PVP Anywhere on the island, as mentioned before there are dinosaurs and not all of them enjoy people invading their natural habitat!

Around the map there are 5 distinct Biomes:


This flat grassy area is home to the Mussasaur, a herbivore that is relatively peaceful until provoked. If it does become aggressive then it will attack with it's powerful spines and tail.

When killed they can drop some of their razor sharp spines


The wet climate of the swamps is home to the one and only Triceratops as well as crops that you can farm. With it's signature shielded head and horns this dino is very territorial so be careful when you get close, it will ram you with it's head!

When killed they have a chance to drop their coveted horns


While this isn't the birch forest Mojang promised us, it's definitely a great attempt! Between these trees you'll find the large brachiosaurus grazing on the trees! While not aggressive, if attacked it isn't an easy one to defeat!

When killed they will drop some of the hide from it's tough skin


Only the toughest of dinosaurs can survive in this baron wasteland. That goes for players too. The dinosaurs are tough and although you could go straight here from the spawn area I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner! The powerful stegosaurus calls this land it's home and it isn't happy with you invading it...

When killed they will drop some of the plates from it's spikey back


In the centre of the island sits this massive volcano. Still active it is a difficult environment for any to live and the only thing you'll find here are groups of hungry velociraptors

Though baron, the volcano hides a secret beneath it..

Enter the volcano through one of 2 entrances and find yourself in a treasure trove of caverns, tunnels and secrets. In these caves you can find many treasures such as Coal, Iron, Gold and even diamond ore. Each will drop the corresponding nugget and can be crafted into the larger material at your own will.

An incredibly rare block that you can find and collect in these mines is one of three Fossils!

Fossil blocks will drop the item above each one and collecting them will become an absolute must if you want to unlock the secrets of the dinosaurs coming soon...

You can also find the infamous Dilophosaur anywhere on the map. They spawn in all biomes and attack with their bite and poison spray if you get too close!

Live Map

Something that regrettably was removed from survival a long time ago was the live updating map. It was an extremely useful tool for players and like Google Earth in Minecraft! With this reset we're bringing it back to stay! The worlds that you will be able to browse in their entirety are:

  • The Overworld
  • The Nether
  • The Extinction Zone

As we're getting close to release now, take a look at the map and start figuring out where your base is going to be!

Pictures of both the brand new spawn area and The Extinction Zone can be viewed in an amazing trailer made by our builder Niels!

New Crates

We thought the old crate names were generic and boring so we've spiced things up a bit with brand new colour schemes, names and custom textures and models for every single one! We're keeping consistency with Skyblock using the same vote crate but when you join please check out the brand new Amber, Geode and Meteor crates!

Each one contains their own set of custom textured tools for you to get and they look stunning!

Blaze Gear

We've found on Skyblock that the introduction of Blaze Gear has been helpful in aiding new players when starting out on the server. For this reason we'll be bringing the iconic mobile phone and interface over to survival too!

Spawner Wand!

We've heard many concerns over the months that things like Rank-ups were too difficult to attain and mob killing achievements took too long due to the incredibly punishing way that spawners were on the server. On top of this, the lack of ability to make spawner mob farms limited the time people could find to make interesting projects because the spawners simply didn't exist. This hopes to change that.

The spawner wand is a limited use item that you can pick up any spawner with. If you're in the wilderness or your own land you can right or left click to remove a spawner and get the item in your inventory

There will be spawner wands of various uses available in the server crates, on the store and as rewards for completing clue scrolls


The debut of the custom resource pack cosmetics for Skyblock was a huge success so of course we're bringing it here too! Enjoy completely custom Hats, backpacks, spray paint the walls and emote in front of all of your friends! With survival's release we will be giving to survival donators a set of exclusive cosmetics each! You can find the list below:

The emotes gained from these ranks will work whenever you play Skyblock and vice versa if you have a skyblock rank you can use the equally exclusive cosmetics on Survival.

Donator Ranks

With the reset we thought it was time to get proper Icons for all donator ranks on survival as the plushies that were on the store aren't very enticing... With this we've also got full descriptions of the ranks in a similar style to the rest of vanilla

With this revamp of survival ranks on the store we've also:

  • Corrected wrong information about what each rank gives you (there was some missing)
  • Spread chat feeling unlocks throughout ALL ranks instead of just unlocking all of them later
  • Spread out chat colour unlocking throughout ALL ranks instead of unlocking all of them later and only bad ones at the start
  • Increased the amount of vaults that each rank can have

View Changes

  • Stegosaurus:
    - Yellow
    - Dark Green
    - Poke
    - Cry
    - Stab
    - 1 vault
  • Triceratops:
    - Blue
    - Gold
    - Stalk
    - Yell
    - Kiss
    - Scorn
    - 2 vaults
  • Pterodactyl:
    - Dark Blue
    - Pink
    - Lime
    - Shake
    - Highfive
    - Facepalm
    - Bite
    - 3 vaults
  • Raptor:
    - Purple
    - Red
    - Aqua
    - Rainbow
    - Dab
    - Pat
    - Slap
    - Punch
    - 5 vaults
  • T-Rex:
    - Custom
    - Dark Red
    - Cyan
    - Black
    - Grey
    - Dark Grey
    - Snuggle
    - Lick
    - Boi
    - Hug
    - 7 vaults

We've also given all donator ranks on survival a brand new colour scheme!


Something that we can't wait to introduce back in all it's glory is Furniture! Broken for quite a long time on both Skyblock and Survival in terms of being able to place and remove it, lagging the server constantly and not even looking very good we've finally removed that old thing and replaced it with something a lot more beautiful! Have a look at all of the brand new custom modelled furniture available for you to get!

Smaller Changes & Fixes

  • Chat announcements have been given custom textures and new announcements added
  • Scoreboard has been given a makeover with custom textures and less useless info
  • New Spawn parkour courtesy of Niels
  • Smart Hoppers have been redesigned and updated with the latest features
  • Mobcoins shop has been migrated to a brand new plugin that is faster and breaks less
  • Safari net colour change
  • Cluescrolls have their own cool textures
  • return of furniture shop
  • Perk crate redesign
  • Custom escape menu texture