Blaze Skyblock Reset

Skyblock is finally resetting after way too long! This reset has been the culmination of multiple months of work and we're pleased to announce it! In addition to the many things debuting this reset we will also be getting on with multiple mid season updates and features for all of you!

We also thank everyone for their input in the beta a couple of weeks ago and assure you guys that the work you did greatly helped us in our mission to make the best Skyblock experience possible!

We are also announcing here that Skyblock will fully release to the public on Friday 22nd of April at 2pm EST. The season will feature all of the new things experienced in the beta along with other planned things down the road.


Skyblock has been sitting quite comfortably on the version of 1.16.5 for a long time now. Minecraft has moved on since then and for this reset we are releasing with the latest and greatest version of Minecraft. All of the 1.17 & 1.18 features for you all to play with!

Due to changes in Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18 we will not be allowing connections from versions lower than 1.18 so unfortunately we are dropping support for legacy versions.

Resource Pack

If you joined the beta you will have seen that upon joining a custom resource pack was automatically installed for you. This is what will be providing Blaze Skyblock with a lot of unique features and content as well as some quality of life additions to make your experience better.

These additions include but are not limited to:

  • More useful and helpful chat announcements
  • Easier navigation around the spawn area
  • More informed messages in chat when completing server actions

The benefits of the resource pack will also be seen throughout the rest of this post and upon joining they will be even more clear!

The pack should automatically download upon joining but if it doesn't then all you need to do is type /reloadpack ingame to refresh all of the textures in a matter of seconds so you can enjoy it!


Along with the brand new reset we've decided that the old spawn had served it's purpose and we had a completely new spawn built and decorated to make all of the information necessary easily accessible in a more compact area that is friendly to new players yet still familiar in style.

Below you can see some of the amazing pictures of the spawn:

PVE Mine & Warzone

Before we move onto PVE as a small note the regular warzone bosses have been temporarily disabled. There is a large plan for what will replace them but that will be coming soon. All quests and missions around PVP bosses have been changed to other things.

One of the largest changes of this reset will be to the PVE Mine. It's a feature that everyone knows and loves that makes Blaze Skyblock so interesting and we thought we'd make it even better. Introducing the brand new Monsters that have invaded the mine, these are by no means easy to take on but sure are cool.

Here is the monsters in order of tier


This mythological creature came from the depths of Greek hell to cause chaos in the PVE mine. 
  • Attacks with both it's teeth and powerful tail
  • Spits poisonous acid at enemies running away
  • Drops the scales from it's back & rarely a tooth
  • materials can be crafted to create a set of basilisk scale armour or even a dagger


The spirit of nature has come alive and it's angry!
  • Punches enemies with it's thick branches
  • Casts a nature spell that seeks out attackers from a distance
  • Drops Bark from it's branches and it's bottled essence
  • materials can be crafted to create a set of natures armour or a powerful magic wand


These sea dwellers aren't happy and that trident looks pointy!
  • Stabs enemies with it's trident
  • Spins around damaging all enemies in a radius with it's trident
  • Slashes the trident sideways doing ranged damage
  • Leaps into the air and ruptures the ground with the trident dealing knockback and massive damage
  • Drops scales from it's fishlike body as well as rarely one of it's claws
  • materials can be used to craft an elite trident as well as a set of merpeople scale armour


It's singular eye will always follow you...
  • Swings it's club in a fit of rage
  • Smashes the ground with it's club sending enemies flying into the air and dealing massive dagame
  • slices enemies with the pointed nails on the club
  • Drops cyclops hide from it's back and rarely it's only eyeball
  • materials can be crafted to create a club just as strong as it's or a set of armour perfect for tanking every kind of damage


Those red eyes are scary..
  • Swipes at enemies with it's long sharp claws
  • Crunches it's victims with its large teeth making them bleed for a short amount of time
  • Howls for nearby wolves to help eliminate threats as a pack
  • Leaps at enemies that are far away dealing damage as it goes
  • Drops fur from it's back as well as rarely a fragment of tooth
  • materials can be crafting into a claw just as sharp as it's as well as a set of fur armour

Custom Drops

The last section revealed so much about the new PVE and we cant wait for all of you to get stuck into it! Though this wont be a surprise after reading the last section we have introduced completely custom drops for PVE Mobs as well as crafting recipes to use them in to give you an incredible edge in the mine!

I wont detail all of the almost 40 different custom items that have been implemented with regard to these PVE Mobs here but in-game you can type /help and click on custom items to find every single one and how to craft them!

The new items and recipes include:

  • Brand new weapons with unique abilities
  • Whole sets of armor dedicated to each PVE Mob with their own stats and abilities
  • Materials dropped from PVE Mobs that can be combined together to create these weapons and armour.

This set of custom items and drops will only expand as time goes on and we cant wait to give you guys even more variety!


We couldn't let you guys miss out on all of the Easter goodness on Skyblock so with the reset we are also showing off our first monthly crate in a long time and what comes with it is going to make it well worth it. Inside it is a possibility of 5 different Easter themed items all with their own abilities and uses!

Easter crate with easter items and other goodies

These include:

  • Easter Pickaxe
  • Easter Axe
  • Easter Bow
  • Easter Sword
  • Easter Egg Shield

These items not only provide you with an advantage but some much needed swag too ;D

Blaze Gear

If we have any pixelmon players joining this season they will know what Blaze Gear is. It's designed specifically for Skyblock and is a helpful tool that is available in the starter kit to help you navigate any part of the server you wish! You can see it as the little mobile phone in your inventory when you spawn and you can open it by right clicking.

Information that is included:

  • Island information
  • Personal information
  • Server and player warps
  • Server and player shops
  • Kits and daily rewards
  • Ingame Ranks
  • Quest information
  • Help for all of Blaze's custom features (Minions, Masks, Pets, GKits, Brand new Custom Items)

Bug fixes & QOL

  • Weekly quest plugin has been recoded in many different areas providing less bugs with regard to receiving weekly quests and the mystery man
  • The server shop has been fully updated for Minecraft version 1.18
  • Auction house has been replaced by the plugin used a long time ago which allows players to have instant auctions as well as timed ones
  • Void chest sell tax removal side quests have been made slightly more difficult and the tax reduces from 20% to 5% instead of complete removal
  • New spawn and NPC Design
  • Create island NPC added for new players
  • Collect envoy crate missions in linear missions changed due to player requests
  • Crates and crate keys given custom textures and models
  • replaced boss egg rewards in warzone crate
  • made /fund a nice GUI to replace the chat messages
  • Fixed vote shop inconsistencies/exploits
  • Fully remade tutorial area with useful boards and info

We are glad that you guys have all stuck with us through all of the delays and we hope you enjoy the Skyblock reset. After release there are plans for events and updates so be sure to join and enjoy all of the new content!

The new season of Skyblock will release on Friday 22nd of April at 2pm EST

See you there!